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Gaelic Leasing works to understand your business and capital needs in order to tailor a solution that will support growth. We are dedicated to offering you the best leasing model based on utilization, cash flow, and residual asset value.

Gaelic leasing puts ourselves in our customer’s shoes to develop and structure the leasing solutions for short and long-term growth. Our approach allows businesses to look at different types of leasing and asset financing structures to maximize long-term business value of growing enterprises.

Gaelic Leasing does not limit itself to certain industries; we look to the asset quality, utilization and underlying business to determine the fit.



The Gaelic Leasing brand is built around a core value of ensuring our customers are well positioned to maximize growth.  There is nothing more frustrating to a business owner than to turn down business because asset acquisition is too expensive or will cause a detrimental drain on cash flow.  It is Gaelic Leasing’s steadfast focus to ensure our clients have the assets needed to grow and deliver value to their customers.



“Gaelic Leasing provided us the equipment we needed to grow our business with an easy and efficient approach”Troy Ryley, Director, Regional Express Carriers

 “Gaelic Leasing’s flexible leasing format allowed us to move up an asset class in order to attract new clients and grow our business” – Pat Doab, Equipment Distributor based in Texas



  • A regional Texas trucking company signed a new contract and needed to add new trucks and trailers to its fleet. Gaelic Leasing provided lease financing designed to roll out the fleet as the contract ramped up. Additionally, the lease was designed based on the estimated asset utilization, thereby providing an optimal cash flow/utilization ratio.

  • An equipment dealership was looking to expand into the rental equipment market. Gaelic Leasing provided the financing for the rental fleet. The lease was structured to roll out the rental fleet in stages and to allow fleet to be sold off if the utilization was not high enough to maintain profitability.

  • A mid-sized trucking company was having trouble acquiring additional equipment as its debt levels were perceived to be too high by traditional banks, even though the tracking record of growth was strong and the company was profitable.  Gaelic Leasing helped the company analyze the cash flows and provided a leasing program allowing the company to continue growing and a plan to improve the balance sheet overtime.  The company was able to continue to grow by double-digit percentages while meeting all of its debt requirements.
  • A trucking company had the opportunity to bring on a new major account.  It needed to increase its fleet by 2X in order to meet the volume demands.  Gaelic Leasing put together a leasing program that provided the necessary equipment for the contract without a large cash deposit.  The company has since grown by over 300% and continues on a strong growth trajectory.


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